Story of the Foundation

Let me start by sharing a bit of personal history. I was born and raised in rural Alabama to an 18-year-old single mother.  The struggle was real.  While my mother was trying to carve out her own life, I had to live with my grandmother who raised me alongside my mom until grandma passed of cancer.  I was only 13 years old and devastated.  What do I do now that “granny” is gone?  Then I lived full-time with my mom and we continued to struggle but at the time I thought everyone lived like this so I was ok with it.  I watched my mother raise me and my 2 sisters in a single parent home and sacrificed everything for us.  I know this story is not unique to me but that is the point.  She made sure we all had proper education and always gave us the “big piece of the chicken”.  (My fellow country folks know what that means)  Even though mom passed of cancer as well, her teachings and sacrifices instilled a passion in me that still lives till this day.

I have gone through school, business, and life and by a lot of standards have done very well.  The problem is, my story is not unique.  There are so many young men who are trying to make it through education, life, and business but have gotten bogged down with the system or just the sheer inability to get over the hump.  Simple things that make a big difference like being able to tie a tie, get a high school diploma or above, or even balance a bank account have caused so many men to live in lack and I feel that it is totally avoidable.  All they need, (as I needed) is just a MENTOR to share honestly, openly, and with capacity, the do’s and don’t’s of being a real man, a BOSS if you will, not an employer, but a BOSS.

This is where the ONE WORLD MENTORSHIP FOUNDATION comes in and the purpose of all of this.  After seeing first hand what is needed in order to be a successful man in life and business, I think I now have the ability to share with so many men the wonders of what it means to be successful regardless of your definition of success.  But I can’t do this alone. 

ONE WORLD MENTORSHIP FOUNDATION is a nonprofit organization that focuses on the development of men from age 10 and up.  We focus on everything from the basics of being able to tie a tie, to teaching how to write a business plan so that you can become massively successful as businessmen. Not only do we focus on our young and growing, but we feel strongly that we must become our brother’s keeper which means we still have to look out for those who made the ultimate sacrifices for us like our veterans.  We also must look out for those who may be physically or mentally challenged in some way and say SO WHAT, LET’S GET IT DONE!  We have lots to do but that means we need lots of help.

We need companies and individuals like you to become a part of the OWM family and help empower as many men as possible.  We are humbly seeking financial donations, mentors, volunteers, or anyone who can contribute anything into the lives of these men young and old alike.  We can do this.  WE MUST DO THIS.  I always wonder where I would be without mentorship.  We can carry each other all the way to the top but we have to do it together.  I pledge to you that I will do all that I can to help as many people as possible but again, we need your help.  Anything you can contribute to the lives of these men will touch them in ways that are priceless.  I want to thank all of you in advance, and welcome you to the OWM family!

Sam Orum,